Judge Marbley Grants HBPA Prejudgment Interest and Final Judgment Entered in Belterra VLT Lawsuit

United States District Court Chief Judge Algenon Marbley yesterday granted the Ohio HBPA’s motion for prejudgment interest in their case versus Belterra Park et. al. for retroactive VLT monies owed.

In March, 2023 Chief Judge Marbley had granted the HBPA’s motion for summary judgment in the case in the amount of $2,872,910.45 and allowed the HBPA to file for prejudgment interest in the case.

Yesterday’s ruling grants the Ohio HBPA $613,307.34 in prejudgment interest for a total final judgment of $3,486,217.79. Belterra Park has 30 days to appeal the final judgment.

A copy of yesterday’s ruling can be seen below.
Decision Granting In Part Prejudgment Interest (2)