Mahoning Valley Quarantine

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Currently one barn at Mahoning Valley is under quarantine. No horses are allowed to leave the grounds until the quarantine has been lifted. Beginning when entries are taken tomorrow Wednesday, February 19 for Saturday, February 22 horses stabled in Ohio will be allowed to enter but will be required to ship in to the receiving barn and remain there until the quarantine has been lifted. Below is a history of what let to the quarantine and what we know as of now.

A horse that was exhibiting mild neurological signs about twelve days ago, that has since recovered, was tested as a precaution for Herpes and showed positive. The barn was quarantined and all horses in that barn as well as the 2 racetrack lead ponies were tested for EHV last Friday, February 14th.

All horses including the original positive horse were negative except for one horse which tested positive but has no fever and is exhibiting no signs of infection or neurological signs. Currently only one barn is quarantined and no horses are allowed to leave the grounds.

A total of six horses including both of the horses which have at one point tested positive will be retested this Thursday, February 20th and the tests will immediately be transported to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. If they all are negative it is likely that the ODA quarantine will be lifted.

We will provide further updates on this site as they become available.