Ohio HBPA and Penn National Reach Stabling and Training Agreement for Mahoning Valley Race Course

The Ohio HBPA and Penn National have reached agreement for stabling and training provisions at Mahoning Valley Race Course through May 31, 2020.
Under the agreement the Ohio HBPA will pay Penn National for the horsemen allocated stalls at Mahoning Valley Race Course to be able to continue to stable and train there. Additionally, those people currently assigned dorm rooms will be allowed to stay in those rooms. The entire cost of stabling, training and the dorm rooms is being paid by the Ohio HBPA and there will be no stall or dorm rent charged to our members.

Training will continue at the track five days per week with Thursdays and Sundays dark. At the request of our members part of the agreement will allow a limited number of new horses to be brought onto the grounds.

Beginning Wednesday, April 29th the following schedule will be in place.

Trainers allocated from 1 to 9 stalls may bring one additional horse on the
grounds provided they have an empty stall which was allocated.

Trainers allocated from 10 to 19 stalls may bring up to two additional horses on
the grounds provided they have empty stalls which were allocated.

Trainers allocated 20 or more stalls may bring up to an additional four horses
on the grounds provided they have empty stalls for them which they were

There will be a limit of 20 trainers per day allowed to bring additional horses
on the grounds. Ohio HBPA Field Office manager Darla Ball will be in the HBPA office at Mahoning Valley from 8am to noon Monday
through Wednesday next week. She will have a sign up sheet for those wishing to ship new horses in for each day from Wednesday, April 29th through Sunday, May 3rd. You must be on the sign up sheet in order to ship new horses into the track.

No additional horsemen are allowed on the grounds and the numbers mentioned
above are the total allowed for the remainder of the time we are stabled at
Mahoning. Once a horse leaves the grounds following April 28th that horse will
not be allowed back on the grounds. Stabling and training may be terminated at Mahoning Valley prior to May 31st if both the barn areas at Thistledown and Belterra Park open prior to that date. Any changes in the above will be detailed on this site.