Ohio Thoroughbred Racing News

Sep 15th 2020

Ohio HBPA & Belterra Park Sign New Track Agreement Signal Export to Resume Tuesday

The Ohio HBPA and Belterra Park entered into a new track agreement on Monday, September 14 replacing the old agreement which was signed in 1996. Highlights of the agreement include; a training and stabling schedule that will go from April 15th through October 31st each year, with training to be conducted 6 days per week before and during the live meet and 5 days per week after the live meet concludes each year; a 50/50…

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Sep 1st 2020

Ohio HBPA Board Election Ballots Have Been Mailed

Ballots for the upcoming Ohio HBPA board of directors election have been mailed and all members should receive them no later than Wednesday, September 9th. If you are a member of the Ohio HBPA and don’t receive a ballot by September 9th please contact the Ohio HBPA auditors, Hirth, Norris & Garrison LLP at 614-875-0803. Once the auditors confirm that you are a member you will be mailed a ballot at the address which you…

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Jul 3rd 2020

Belterra Park Covid 19 Positive

A groom who stays in a dorm room at Belterra park has tested positive for Covid 19. He is currently hospitalized. The Hamilton County Health Department has informed the Ohio HBPA that due to the positive additional screening requirements must be put in place for those living in the same dorm building. Those residing in dorm building A will be required to be screened three times per day through July 13th. At least one of…

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Jun 8th 2020

2020 Ohio HBPA Board of Directors Election Notice

Below is the 2020 Ohio HBPA Board of Directors election notice which was mailed out to our members as well as the 2020 Ohio HBPA election schedule. If you are a member and have not received this notice by Friday, June 12th please contact Kathy Moore at(614) 875-1269 and give her your current address. The Ohio State Racing Commission is no longer providing members addresses to the Ohio HBPA so if you are a new…

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May 26th 2020

Barn Area Safety Protocols for Thistledown and Belterra Park

The barn area opens at Thistledown today, May 26th and on Saturday, May 30th at Belterra Park. The following safety protocols have been put in place and must be followed by those in the barn area at either track. 1. A mask or face covering must be worn at all times. 2. Trainers are responsible for daily health screenings on their employees. (To help fulfill this requirement the Ohio HBPA has created a one-page form…

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May 22nd 2020

Covid-19 Health Screening Form Available for Download and Copying

One of the protocols listed in the “Protocols for a Safe Return to Racing w/o Spectators” which was adopted by the OSRC along with their resolution to resume live racing in Ohio, states that “Trainers, Contractors & Vendors will perform medical screening for all of their employees who wish to enter the barn area or front side area(s) in accordance with applicable public health order or recommendations.” The Ohio HBPA has developed a simple one…

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May 19th 2020

Mahoning Valley Closing Dates

Attention horsemen stabled at Maqhoning Valley this Saturday, May 23rd will be the last day that there will be a clocker at the track for you to get a recorded work. The Ohio HBPA will pay for stabling and training at the track to continue through May 31st. All horsemen and horses must be off the grounds no later than May 31st.

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