Belterra Park Covid 19 Positive

A groom who stays in a dorm room at Belterra park has tested positive for Covid 19. He is currently hospitalized.
The Hamilton County Health Department has informed the Ohio HBPA that due to the positive additional screening requirements must be put in place for those living in the same dorm building.

Those residing in dorm building A will be required to be screened three times per day through July 13th. At least one of these times each daily will be self reporting via phone. Kathi Feebeck will be distributing the reporting schedule this morning Friday, July 3rd.

These orders are directly from the health department and they are going to require that the forms be turned in so if we want to continue to race those in that dorm building are going to have to comply or move off of the grounds until after July 13th. We simply can’t risk non compliance.

Those living in dorm building b will still be under the once per day temperature screening that they have been doing and won’t have any additional requirements.