Fabulous Ohio University Scholarship Offer

Thanks to the generosity of a former Ohio HBPA board member, the Ohio HBPA is
proud to partner with Ohio University in offering a terrific scholarship
opportunity for sons and daughters of Ohio trainers.

The scholarship will include full tuition, room and board at Ohio University and
is renewable for 4 years. Eligibility requirements include being the son of
daughter of a trainer who has been licensed for at least five years and is
currently racing horses in Ohio with a minimum of 5 starts in each of the past 5 years.

The student must also be a resident of the state of Ohio and graduate from an Ohio high school. The student must also apply to and be accepted to the Ohio University Athens Campus.
2018 was the first year the Ohio HBPA Ohio University scholarship was
awarded. Ben Bird son of trainer Danny Bird was the scholarship winner in 2018.

Any student who is graduating from high school in 2019 and meets the
above requirements must apply to the Ohio University Athens Campus during the
fall of 2018. If you are eligible and would like to apply please contact Dave Basler directly at 614-875-1269.