NHBPA President Doug Daniels editorial on Fox News

Dr. Doug Daniels, President of the National HBPA, recently had an opinion piece published on Fox News. In it, Dr. Daniels explains why Congress needs to pass the Racehorse Health and Safety Act (RHSA) for the survival of our industry. We are finally getting our message out that the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act is failing to protect the health of racehorses, despite its tremendous cost to the industry. And it’s unconstitutional. It’s time to replace it with RHSA.

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Here are some select quotes from Dr. Daniels’ article:

Horse Racing supports “tens of thousands of jobs for everyday Americans . . . who are privileged to care for and train these animals.”

“And all of these jobs are at risk because of an unconstitutional law passed by Congress two years ago that has horseracing on life support.”

“The nearly 30,000 horseracing trainers and owners who belong to the National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association are fighting to protect their constitutional rights and their jobs — and winning.”

“Congress cannot authorize private police departments with all the powers of government and none of the safeguards like transparency and democratic accountability.”

“Veterinarians, trainers and owners know what their animals need to thrive and should not have bureaucrats at a federal agency or a private authority coming between them and their animals.”

“This race is headed to the Supreme Court . . . . After that, the alternative Racehorse Health and Safety Act will be ready to go as a science-based, state-led replacement. Horsemen and horses deserve nothing less than excellent care and a fair chance to compete.”

HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Tell Congress to support RHSA

Horsemen: If you agree with Dr. Daniels, please use (if you haven’t already) this convenient advocacy tool to send your U.S. Representative an automated message urging him or her to support and co-sponsor the Racehorse Health and Safety Act (RHSA) that would repeal and replace HISA. It just takes 30 seconds – type in your name, address, email and phone number and click on “send message” and it will automatically go to your Representative. Click here for link.

We don’t have the millions of dollars that are at the disposal of the well-funded minority backing HISA. Our only way to create meaningful change is through our power in numbers and grass-roots advocacy networking. Please share these links with everyone working with you and on your social media channels:

Dr. Daniels’ editorial on FoxNews.com: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/congress-abused-power-rein-horse-racing-heres-ride-rescue

Tell your U.S. Representative to support, co-sponsor the RHSA to repeal, replace HISA