Ohio HBPA Board Election Ballots Have Been Mailed

Ballots for the upcoming Ohio HBPA board of directors election have been mailed and all members should receive them no later than Wednesday, September 9th.

If you are a member of the Ohio HBPA and don’t receive a ballot by September 9th please contact the Ohio HBPA auditors, Hirth, Norris & Garrison LLP at 614-875-0803. Once the auditors confirm that you are a member you will be mailed a ballot at the address which you give to the auditors.

Ballots are due in to Hirth, Norris & Garrison by Friday, October 2nd and the results of the election will be announced on this site as well as the HBPA offices at Belterra Park and Thistledown on Saturday, October 3rd.