OSRC Directive Regarding Working to Get Off of a List

Please see below for a directive from the Ohio State Racing Commission for those horses which are required to work to get off the vet’s, starters or steward’s lists.

From: Chris Dragone, Executive Director
Subject: Blood drawn for Thoroughbred horses working off vets list You are hereby Directed: For the purposes of 3769-5-34 Veterinarian’s, steward’s or starter’s list: A horse on the veterinarian’s list that is required to successfully meet work requirements established by the veterinarian that placed the horse on the veterinarian’s list will submit to a post work blood sample collection for laboratory confirmation of compliance with the commission racing medication rules in order to be released from the veterinarian’s list. The owner of the horse is responsible for the cost of the blood test. This Directive will stay in effect until further notice from the Ohio State Racing Commission.
Christopher Dragone, Executive Director Ohio State Racing Commission

The track vet will collect the post work blood sample and will complete the paperwork for the sample to be sent to the lab and tested. The cost of the test will be $125 to be paid by the owner of the horse.
You will be able to enter a horse after you have successfully completed a work and the post work blood sample has been submitted to the lab however, if the test results come back positive or are not back from the lab prior to race day the horse will be scratched.
There will be no penalties associated with a positive screening of the post work blood sample. However, the horse will then have to successfully work for the track vet again and have a post work blood sample drawn and come back negative before that horse will be allowed to race.