THHF Retirement Assistance Fund Plan Members Can Make Penalty Free Withdrawals

As part of the stimulus package passed into law by the federal government on March 27, 2020 withdrawals can be made from 401(k)’s and other qualifying retirement plans without penalty in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

The Trustees of the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Health Fund have made several changes to further benefit our horsemen who are members in the program for 2020. Horsemen can qualify to withdrawal funds from the program under section 7.4 of the program due to the coronavirus in any amount from their accounts in 2020 and will still be eligible to participate in the program going forward.

Due to the coronavirus withdrawals from retirement accounts are no longer being processed at Fifth Third branch offices. To process your request call 1-866-258-4777 and have your social security number available. You will have the option of either being emailed or mailed a form to complete your withdrawal request after which you will receive a check.